PharmOutcomes support for PQS

PharmOutcomes Support for PQS

Community pharmacy contractors can access support on PharmOutcomes for the PQS 2019/20. This support is available to all contractors free of charge as PSNC has agreed to use their PharmOutcomes licence to provide access to this support.

Currently, the following support is available on PharmOutcomes:

PQS Assessment framework

The assessment framework allows contractors and their teams to track their progress with achieving the gateway and quality criteria of the PQS.

Once a contractor has logged into PharmOutcomes, the framework can be accessed by clicking on ‘Assessments’ and then the framework is listed under the title ‘PQS – The Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2019/20’.

Asthma domain

There are two services available; one for patients for whom more than six short-acting bronchodilator inhalers were dispensed without any corticosteroid inhaler within a six month period and one for children who have not been prescribed a spacer device and/or don’t have a personalised asthma action plan. These can be accessing by logging into PharmOutcomes, selecting ‘Services’; and then ‘Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Quality criteria’ and the two services are listed under:

  1. Quality criterion – Asthma referrals; and
  2. Quality criterion – Children’s asthma referrals.

The PharmOutcomes services allow contractors to record patient details who have consented to be referred to their GP practice. When this data is saved on PharmOutcomes, a referral will automatically be sent to the patient’s GP practice (if an NHSmail email address is held for that GP practice within PharmOutcomes).

If a contractor has not used PharmOutcomes before, log in details can be obtained by sending a message to the PharmOutcomes helpdesk. Contractors will need to provide details of the pharmacy, contact information and an email address to issue the login details to. 

PharmOutcomes support that will be available soon

The following audits/frameworks will also be available shortly; we will alert contractors through our normal communication channels when these become available:

  • Lithium audit*;
  • Methotrexate audit*;
  • Amiodarone audit*;
  • Phenobarbital audit*;
  • Valproate safety audit;
  • NSAID audit; and
  • Dementia-friendly environment checklist.

*Contractors are only required to complete one of these audits in the following order of preference: lithium; methotrexate; amiodarone; or phenobarbital. Please see pages 29-42 of the NHS England PQS guidance for further information.