Public Health Campaigns

2021 Antibiotic Awareness Campaign

This information was sent to every pharmacy contractor in the NHSE&I Midlands Region

MANDATORY PUBLIC HEALTH CAMPAIGN – Antibiotic Awareness and Amnesty Campaign

The campaign will run for two weeks from 15th November to 30th November to coincide with World Antimicrobial Awareness Week. This regional campaign supports the critical public health priority to reduce antimicrobial resistance, as well as local NHS priorities regarding antibiotic use.

Whilst the general aims of the campaign are to continue to raise awareness of appropriate antibiotic use and the risks associated with antibiotic resistance, this amnesty campaign will help to ensure that any unused antibiotics are returned to community pharmacies for safe destruction. The reason for this is due to evidence that old and unused antibiotics are sometimes saved for future used or are shared with others for whom they have not been prescribed. Therefore, all pharmacies must record the number of patients with whom they have discussed the campaign and have provided information with regards to returning unused antibiotics to the pharmacy. There will also be an option to record the number of full and/or part packs of antibiotics returned to the pharmacy during the campaign period (although this latter audit is not mandatory)


A range of resources have been produced to support the campaign and these can be found in the associated files that accompany this letter. Please print a copy of the poster and display it prominently in your pharmacy and use the relevant social media files as required. We also strongly recommend that the Target Antibiotic Checklist (attached) is used on each occasion when a patient/carer is collecting antibiotics as this will also help to meet the requirements of the prevention domain within the Pharmacy Quality Scheme.

Please use the link below to watch a recent webinar hosted by Birmingham and Solihull CCG and Black Country and West Birmingham CCG, and the Local Pharmaceutical Committees which will provide additional supporting information about the campaign.


Data collection and PharmOutcomes

A tally chart has been produced to support pharmacy staff to record the number of patients to whom information about the campaign has been provided; this is mandatory as part of the directed public health campaign

There is also a section to record the number of full and part packs of antibiotics returned. Completion of this is not compulsory, but we’d encourage you to do this please.

At the end of the campaign, the totals recorded will need to be entered onto a PharmOutcomes module (Antibiotic Amnesty) that has been developed for this campaign. Data entries must be completed within 7 days of the end of the campaign.

Antibiotic Amnesty Campaign Data Collection Sheet

Nov 2019: Updated PharmOutcomes module for recording data PLEASE READ

In an attempt to simplify recording of your public health campaign involvement we have now changed the question on PharmOutcomes which asks which campaign you are reporting on.  Previously you had to free-type a campaign title, this has now been replaced by a question with a dropdown list to choose from.  This should hopefully speed up entries for you.

You are NOT required to re-enter any data that was already in the system using the old free-type boxes, simply use this new question going forward.  All previous data is still in the system.  If you have any questions about the PharmOutcomes module please contact

Recording Public Health Campaign Data on PharmOutcomes:

The LPC have produced a series of videos explaining how to use PharmOutcomes to record services.  There are several short videos which can be used by the whole  pharmacy team and also by locums and relief pharmacists to help them understand how the system works and how to use it.

We suggest you start by watching the “Welcome to PharmOutcomes” video followed by “The Services Tab” video.

After that simply select the clip which is relevant to your needs.

Follow this link to the relevant page


Data Collection Sheet:

If you need to download a data collection sheet please use this link which will take you to a generic form that can be used for recording any of the campaigns.

Public Health Campaign Data Collection Master Sheet

Public Health Essential Service campaign topics set for 2019/20

December 10, 2018

As part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework, each year pharmacies are required participate in up to six campaigns at the request of NHS England.Previously, these campaigns were determined at a local level by NHS England teams, however PSNC recently agreed with NHS England to set these campaigns at a national level so that all community pharmacy contractors participate in the same campaigns thus having a greater exposure to the target groups.It has been agreed that the campaign topics should, wherever possible, support NHS England’s operational and public health priorities, such as winter pressures, smoking, obesity and alcohol.The following campaigns and timescales have been agreed for 2019/20:

1) mid-February to mid-March 2019 Help Us Help You Pharmacy campaign (formerly Stay Well Pharmacy)
2) mid-May to mid-June 2019 Children’s oral health/Smile Month (in line with the training currently being incentivised by the Quality Payment Scheme)
3) September 2019 Antimicrobial resistance
4) October 2019 Stoptober
5) November/December 2019 Help Us Help You main Winter campaign (formerly Stay Well this Winter)
6) January 2020 Alcohol

Help Us Help You Winter Campaign:

HUHY Winter Campaign Letter

HUHY Winter Leaflet

HUHY Winter Data Collection Sheet

HUHY Flu_LTHC Poster

HUHY Flu_Preg Poster

Archive of info on previous campaigns.

Reminder: Finish of AMR campaign and commencement of Stoptober

Community pharmacy contractors are reminded that the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) campaign, which contractors have been participating in (since the 1st September 2019), finishes on 30th September 2019. Contractors will then be required to change their promotional materials on 1st October 2019 and participate in the Stoptober campaign until 31st October 2019.

The campaigns are two of the six campaigns, which have been agreed between PSNC and NHS England and NHS Improvement, as part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework; therefore, all contractors must participate in both of them.

Contractors should have been sent campaign materials for both campaigns during August (materials started arriving in pharmacies by courier from 14th August 2019).

Social media and digital resources for the Stoptober campaign are also available on PHE’s Campaign Resource Centre; contractors are encouraged to use these resources if possible.

AMR Campaign Sept 2019


AMR Campaign Letter

AMR Data Collection Master Sheet

Children’s Oral Health Pharmacy Campaign

The NHS England Community Pharmacy Oral Health Campaign commences on 13 May 2019, running for one month until 13 June 2019. This coincides with National Smile Month. The community pharmacy campaign is targeted at the parents or carers of children under the age of five. This campaign is part of the up to six campaigns that community pharmacies must participate in as part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework and has been agreed with PSNC.
From 29 April to 5 May, Colgate-Palmolive, our commercial partners, will deliver:
• One A3 “Monster teeth” poster, which can be displayed in the public area of the pharmacy for the duration of the campaign
• A range of supporting materials, such as leaflets and brushing charts, which pharmacies may wish to share with patients.
If you do not wish to use the Colgate-Palmolive branded materials, you can alternatively use Public Health England’s ‘Top 3 interventions for preventing tooth decay’, and PHE’s ‘A quick guide to a healthy mouth in children’, which are attached.
Staff who have completed the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education’s (CPPE) ‘Children’s Oral Health’ training module (available from should recognise the advice relating to children under the age of five in the briefing. Families and carers of children aged under five years may be identified when they attend the pharmacy with the child or collect a prescription for the child, or when they purchase GSL or P products suitable for children under five years old. This opportunity should also be taken when talking to customers about their purchases of things like comforters (dummies), teething products and baby milk/food.
In some areas it may be difficult for parents to secure a dentist’s appointment for their child, so we are currently working with our Local Dental Network (LDN) to provide a list of practices across Staffordshire and Shropshire that are welcoming new child patients. Further information regarding local dental access helplines and urgent/emergency dental care will be shared ahead of the campaign launch.

Children’s Oral Health Campaign

Children’s Oral Health Data Collection Master Sheet

PHE quick guide to a healthy mouth in children


Public Health Campaigns 2018-19

Every Mind Matters – November 2018 NHS Directed Campaign for Pharmacies in Staffordshire and Shropshire

There has been a change to the campaign for Q3 due to difficulties in obtaining show material.  Instead of COPD you are being asked to run a mental health campaign to tie in with a West Mids campaign with materials being produced by PH West Mids.  Please read on…………

Every Mind Matters Campaign NHSE Shropshire and Staffordshire 2018 Letter

Every Mind Matters Data Collection Sheet


The next public health campaign will be Mental Health. Public Health England are running a campaign in the West Midlands area called ‘Every Mind Matters.’ We are waiting for confirmation that a pack of show material will be sent to every Pharmacy shortly. We will confirm this as soon as we get know.

The campaign will run from Monday 5thNovember to Saturday 1stDecember. The start has been delayed as we felt many pharmacies would be concentrating on flu vaccination in October, and we didn’t want to detract from this. Please check out the briefing sheet from Public Health England which can be found by following the link below.

EVERYMINDMATTERS Pharmacies Activation Brief

If you have not received any show material by Monday 15thOctober, order it yourself from the Public Health England – Campaign Resource Centre website, chose the Every Mind MattersCampaign and select the free GP/Pharmacy campaign pack.

There is also a Mental Health toolkit available on the LPC website. It can be found under theResources And Your Information tab.This gives you local contacts and information. The toolkit is in the process of being updated this month. There is also a link to the excellent Choice and Medication website

Remember also that NHSE Shropshire and Staffordshire are expecting every pharmacy to feedback their activity figures using the PharmOutcomes module. Those that don’t may be issued with a contract breach notice.

We are aware that there are some validation visits being undertaken by the Royal Society of Public Health – the body which accredits HLPs.  Having training records and activity data helps you demonstrate that you are complying with the HLP Level 1 standards.

In Summary

  • Expect the campaign resource pack to be delivered shortly. If they are not being sent out automatically we will inform you.
  • Run the campaign from 5thNovember to 1stDecember
  • Report your activity through PharmOutcomes promptly after 1stDecember.

NHSE Communications for 2018-19

NHSE sent a notice to every contractor in Staffordshire and Shropshire.  This details the plan for the 2018-19 Pharmacy Public Health Campaigns.

If you have not received / seen that letter it can be downloaded here

Public Health Campaign Letter 2018

In July 2018 the campaign for the summer was switched from mental health to “blood in pee” cancer campaign owning to a shortage of materials for the mental health campaign.  A letter was sent from NHSE along with a data collection sheet

BCoC Blood in Pee Campaign 2018 Letter

Blood in Pee Data Collection Master Sheet V2



Public Health in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent

Staffordshire Public Health Department

The public health department is part of Staffordshire County Council and covers all of South Staffordshire as well as North Staffordshire.  This is their website.

Stoke on Trent Public Health Department

Stoke on Trent is a unitary authority and has its own public health department.  This is their website.

Joint Working

The LPC are working with NHSE to develop health promotion campaigns for community pharmacies.  Pharmacy contractors will be notified by NHSE on the annual PH Pharmacy Campaigns and the LPC will put information on this website and also via LPC newsletters.

If you have any public health related questions  please contact the LPC by using the contact form on this website and we will get back to you.

 Public Health Campaigns

All pharmacy teams  are reminded of the availability of PSNC Briefing 011/17: Healthy Living Pharmacy – Holding a health promotion event/campaign, which includes a checklist to assist pharmacy teams when planning a health promotion event/campaign and a template questionnaire which pharmacy teams could use to evaluate their health promotion event/campaign.


Archive Info

Feb 2018

PH Campaign Data Collection Stay Well Under 5s

Stay Well Under 5s Campaign letter

Jan 2018

NHSE recently sent out the following information regarding the

Heart Age letter Jan 2018

Blood pressure fact sheet

PH Campaign Data Collection Heart Age

Please note that there are links in the letter to the NHS heart age tool and another link to BHF where you can order 50 booklets free of charge from their website.

May 18th – June 301th 2017 Campaign:

It has been decided that from May 18th 2017 community pharmacies will be asked to take part in the National Campaign on Be Clear on Cancer which focuses on Respiratory Symptoms.

Community pharmacy teams can now pre-order their campaign resources which are free of charge and will be delivered to pharmacies.

A toolkit has been created for pharmacies to support the campaign which includes:

  • 1 x pharmacy briefing sheet;
  • 2 x A4 posters;
  • 1 x counter card;
  • 2 x shelf wobblers;
  • 1 x leaflet dispenser;
  • 50 leaflets; and
  • access to video briefings for staff.

Resources can be ordered from the Public Health England pharmacy order line. To place an order, call 0300 123 1019 and use the code BCOCRESPPHARMKIT. The order line is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Alternatively, orders can also be made through the PHE Campaign Resource Centre website.

PH Campaign newsletters 2018

Healthy LIving Pharmacy News 060118 please note, this newsletter is from North Staffs & Stoke LPC but the information is valid for the whole of South Staffs too.  If you need more information please contact