Listening Skills & Emotional Health Training

19th July 2021 18:30-21:00


“Listening skills and emotional health” – this training is run by The Samaritans and is based on the course outline below:

Pre course information
• Digital delivery platform: Zoom
• Course duration: 1 Session – 2 ½ hours
• Pre-course preparation: Please ensure you have:
– Strong internet connection to enable effective interaction in this format
– Access to a quiet area
– Ideally access to headsets with a microphone to exclude external noise interruption
• Course resources:
– The Listening Wheel handout
– Emotional Health Scale handout
At the end of this course attendees will be able to:
• Understand the Emotional Health Scale
• Consider personal resilience
• Use effective listening tools and techniques to acknowledge difficult feelings and circumstances
Course topics
• Introductions and understanding the context/types of conversations found challenging
• Samaritans emotional health scale and resilience – apply this to the context, how do challenging conversations affect delegate emotional health in the moment and later
• Introduce Samaritans listening wheel and skills around listening and asking open questions
• Techniques around discussions with people with mental health difficulties and suicidal feelings
• Short skills practice
• Summary of learning
• Further reflections on the emotional health scale

Please make your booking request on the form below; although we are aiming the individual sessions at contractors from the relevant LPC, if you cannot attend the specific event for your LPC area please request a booking on another date – although we will prioritise bookings within LPC areas to ensure equitable access to the training. Further sessions are planned for the autumn this year.

We do ask that if you commit to making a booking, then please ensure that you make every effort to attend or contact us to cancel your place at the earliest opportunity, thank you.

Listening Skills and Emotional Health Training - Booking Form

To book your place please complete the form below. Please ensure you are able to attend before booking your place; places are limited to 12 per session, any excess bookings will be added to a waiting list either for these or for future sessions.

Name and Location
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