Administration of OTC medicines in schools

Medication bought over the counter does not require an authorisation letter from a GP.

Schools should already have in place policies relating to supporting pupils at school with medical conditions. Parents who obtain over the counter medicines are able to authorise there use in school, where appropriate for their child. When medication is to be administered, we suggest following existing policies in place. In all cases best practice should be followed:

  • Obtain written parental consent
  • Medication labelled by parent with child’s name and the school ( not a pharmacy label)
  • Instructions for administration (follow the age related instructions pre-printed on the medication)
  • Clear records are kept regarding the administration of medications; in particular time and dose given to ensure that the daily dose is not exceeded.
  • Prescribing of medicines for long term conditions (such as asthma and epilepsy) will continue to be managed through the GP.

If you get any queries from parents please pass the above guidance on.