Freestyle Libre Staffordshire Policy Released

The six CCGs in Staffordshire have now released their policy on Freestyle Libre for Staffordshire patients.

GPs will not be initiating patients on FreeStyle Libre®, this will be done by diabetes specialist teams ONLY using the following criteria:
 Indication 1: People with Type 1 diabetes*
 Indication 2: People with any form of diabetes on hemodialysis AND on insulin* (* who are clinically indicated as requiring intensive monitoring >8 times per day; as demonstrated on a meter download/review over the last 3 mths.)
 Indication 3: People with diabetes associated with cystic fibrosis on insulin treatment.
 Indication 4: Pregnant women with type 1 diabetes; for a maximum of 12 months including the post-partum period.
 Indication 5: People with Type 1 diabetes unable to routinely self-monitor blood glucose levels due to disability that requires carers to support glucose monitoring and insulin management.
 Indication 6: People with Type 1 diabetes for whom the specialist MDT team determines has occupational or psychosocial circumstances that warrant a 6 month trial of Libre with adjunct support.
 Indication 7: Previous self-funders of Flash Glucose Monitoring with Type 1 diabetes where those with clinical responsibility for their care are satisfied that their clinical history suggests that they would have satisfied one or more of the criteria prior to them commencing use of Flash Glucose Monitoring AND has shown improvement in HbA1c since self-funding.
 Indication 8: For those with Type 1 diabetes and recurrent severe hypoglycaemia or impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia, NICE suggests that Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) with an alarm is the standard. However, if the person with diabetes and their clinician consider that Flash Glucose Monitoring would be more appropriate for the individual’s specific situation, then this can be considered.

This policy means you may start to see FP10s for Freestyle Libre in the pharmacy, however you should not refer patients to the GP for initiation as this is still not something that our Staffordshire GPs will do, any patient interested in Freestyle Libre would have to discuss with their diabetes specialist team.

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