National Lateral Flow Test Scheme vs Staffordshire Lateral Flow Test Scheme for Asymptomatic Patients

National Scheme

  1. Registration for the scheme generates up to £450 setup fee
  2. Each supply (not each box) attracts a £1.50 payment for supply to up to 4 people in a single transaction
  3. Patients should be a minimum of 18 years of age to collect tests
  4. Stock is ordered through the main national wholesalers
  5. Payment is through a weekly claim on Manage Your Service
  6. No staff training is needed


Staffordshire Scheme

  1. There is an initial setup fee of £150 to cover the cost of purchasing any kit required from a simple, inexpensive list
  2. Each supervised test generates £10
  3. Patients must be at least 11 years of age to receive a supervised test
  4. Stock is ordered via an order form which is emailed to Staffordshire County Council
  5. Payment is via PharmOutcomes
  6. Staff need to be trained Test Operatives involving an online training module of about 45mins length

Contractors can offer both schemes as they are complimentary and can blend the two e.g. supervising the first test then supplying home kits, or for the less confident, supervising 1 or 2 tests every week

Both schemes will be reviewed at the end of June and may/may not be extended.

A list of pharmacies offering Supervised tests in the pharmacy can be found here