Mercian PCN

Primary Care Network GP Practice Clinical Director PCN Leads
Mercian Primary Care Network Aldergate Medical Practice Dr Adrian Parkes Kieran Eason, Eason Pharmacy, Wilnecote
Laurel House Surgery Lee Ison, Springpharm Ltd, Primary Care Pharmacy
Hollies Surgery
Healthview Medical Practice
Riverside Surgery
Dr Khare’s Surgery
Crown Medical Surgery
The Peel Surgery
Tri- links Medical Practice
Trinity Surgery
Dr Vije’s Surgery


The following pharmacies are members of this PCN ( Please note that pharmacies may choose to align with an alternative PCN; if any details are incorrect please email

  • Boots the Chemist, Ankerside, Tamworth (FX835)
  • Aldergate Pharmacy, 75 Upper Gungate, Tamworth (FVF38)
  • Asda Pharmacy, Ventura Retail Park, Tamworth (FGV24)
  • Boots the Chemist, Ventura Retail Park, Tamworth (FFV61)
  • Dosthill Pharmacy, GP Surgery, Dosthill (FQV17)
  • Lloyds Pharmacy, in Store Sainsburys, Bonehill Road, Tamworth (FNF97)
  • Magrath Pharmacy, 68 Caledonian, Glascote Heath (FV213)
  • PCP Direct (online) (FMM93)
  • Peak Pharmacy, 266 Tamworth Road, Amington (FKP71)
  • Peel Court Pharmacy, 2 Aldergate, Tamworth (FTA70)
  • Primary Care Pharmacy, 30 Hospital Street, Tamworth (FXK47)
  • Rowlands Pharmacy, 54 Albert Road, Tamworth (FQG62)
  • Stonydelph Pharmacy, 29 Ellerbeck, Stonydelph (FK409)
  • Tamworth Pharmacy, 146 Masefield Drive, Leyfields (FRQ08)
  • Well Pharmacy,1-5 Church Street, Tamworth(FDA10)