Stafford Town PCN

Primary Care Network GP Practice Clinical Director PCN Lead
Stafford Town PCN Holmcroft Practice Dr Mark Stone Helen Watton, Cornwells Chemist, Holmcroft
Stafford Health and Wellbeing Practice
Wolverhampton Road Surgery

The following pharmacies are members of this PCN ( Please note that pharmacies may choose to align with an alternative PCN; if any details are incorrect please email

  • Boots the Chemist, 10-14 Market Square, Stafford (FKF76)
  • Cornwells Chemist, Holmcroft Road, Stafford (FA274)
  • Rowlands Pharmacy, 161 Marston Road, Stafford (FN540)
  • Stafford Health and Wellbeing Centre, Whitgreave Court, Stafford (FXG58)
  • Boots the Chemist, Queen’s Retail Park, Stafford (FGQ49)
  • Wolverhampton Road Pharmacy, Wolverhampton Road, Stafford (FE603)
  • Weston Road Pharmacy, 65 Weston Road, Stafford (FX114)
  • Asda Pharmacy, Asda Superstore, Stafford (FL014)