COVID Risk Assessment and what to do in a pharmacy outbreak

Premises and workforce risk assessments

June 19, 2020

FROM NHS ENGLAND & NHS IMPROVEMENT Risk Assessments for BAME and other at risk staff
You will have seen evidence showing Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues and those with various clinical conditions are at greater risk from COVID-19.  The NHS Employers Framework below shows the need to risk assess workplace, workforce and individuals:
Some community pharmacy employers have their own tools to complete this work but other contractors may be wondering where to start.  We know that some pharmacy organisations are also creating guidance but we did not want to delay pharmacy contractors getting started. We have put together a suite of documents to support and guide you through the process.  Please note there are Health and Safety at Work obligations to look after employees and hence YOU SHOULD complete risk assessments.  However, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO use these particular forms to do so.  We have researched the various tools being used in different healthcare organisations in the United Kingdom and tailored the ones which appear most relevant for use in a community pharmacy setting.Please find below 3 documents to download:

We recommend that you:

  • Read all the documents
  • Complete/update a workplace risk assessment document
  • Explain to all your staff/colleagues that you want to complete an individual assessment with all who are at greater risk – please don’t assume who is at greater risk as a staff member could have a clinical condition you are unaware of.
  • Complete a ‘BAME and Other At Risk Colleagues Assessment Form’ with each relevant member of staff/colleague including considering and implementing any actions you agree with the staff/colleague to reduce their level of risk
  • Keep the completed forms in staff/colleague record systems and review at a relevant time

Please note:

  • We expect most staff/colleagues will agree to complete the form with their line manager/HR. However, if a member of staff/colleague does object then consider who else might do this?  Would having a representative with them mean they are prepared to go ahead?  Do you have a ‘buddy’ colleague that could do it?
  • If the results of the risk assessments leaves you with concern how you will continue to operate your pharmacy, please contact the Midlands NHSE&I Regional Team via to discuss.
  • If you have questions then your LPC Chief Officer may be able to help – use the Contact Us form on this website. Please note LPC Chief Officers will not give advice on employment law or HR problems – they will however answer operational queries or signpost you to relevant organisations.
  • Consider contacting your Employer Liability Insurance Provider with specific questions

Thank you for completing this important work to help us to support the safety of our teams and colleagues in these difficult times.


Pharmacy Team

NHS England & NHS Improvement – Midlands

What do you need to do if you have an outbreak of Covid in your pharmacy

Please use this checklist that details steps you need to take should a member of the pharmacy team have symptoms of the virus. This checklist can also be used if a pharmacy team member is track using the Track and Trace system.

check list for outbreak of COVID in pharmacy

This check list is based on the SOP issued by the NHS 20200703_SOP for POD FINAL (005)