Medicines Safety Network

Medicines Safety Network

 Who are we and what we aim to do?

The Medicines Safety Officer Network is attended by MSO’s from across healthcare organisations in Staffordshire. 

The role of the MSO is key roles is to promote the safe use of medicines across their organisations. 

The Staffordshire network aims to look at the national and local medicines safety issues and provide a forum for sharing good practice, and discussing topical issues.  They produce regular newsletters and also issue other documents which may be useful for community pharmacies in their practice.


“Looks like” “Sounds like” resource

Valproate Safe Supply for Community Pharmacy

Valproate safety audit

Medicines Safety Posters

Please note you are free to download and use these posters in your pharmacy:

Before you dispense it_Medication Without Harm Campaign

Before you take it patient_Medication Without Harm Campaign

Before you take it caregiver and child _Medication Without Harm Campaign

Before you take it pregnant lady_Medication Without Harm Campaign

Medicines Safety Newsletters

MSO Newsletter May 2019 

Older editions:

December 2018

MSO Newsletter July 2018

MSO Newsletter June 2018