Recording Extended Care on PharmOutcomes

This information applies to the Extended Care Service across the whole NHSE&I Midlands Region

Service Recording on PharmOutcomes

Only pharmacies who have returned the signed LES to NHSE will access to the new PharmOutcomes modules.  There are several modules for completion.

Logging on to PharmOutcomes

Remember that the log in for PharmOutcomes is specific to a pharmacy not to the pharmacist.  So to get onto the system you will need the pharmacy log in details.  If you work as a relief pharmacist or locum you will need to ensure that the branch can get you onto the PharmOutcomes system – the pharmacy log in details should be available for you to use, or a staff member can get onto the system for you.

This sometimes causes confusion when pharmacists are new to PharmOutcomes, this is because they feel the system would need them to log in – expecting a similar process to NHS EPS with everyone having their own smart card.  But once into the service modules the pharmacist then has to enrol and every time they provide the service their name and details are associated with that patient record.

Recording on PharmOutcomes NHSE&I Extended Care Services Midlands Region 2022-23

Because our new Extended Care Tier 1 and Tier 2 LESs involve the introduction of a 7-day follow-up requirement for each condition, the decision was taken to set up brand new PharmOutcomes modules for the 2022-23 service and each module covers the entire region.

7-day Follow-Up – We have been asked if PharmOutcomes can remind you which patients to contact each day – we are looking into this BUT it is important to agree the 7-day follow-up with the patient at the start of the consultation because you will only get paid if you complete a follow up.  Perhaps, rather than just an alarm reminder, what the pharmacy need to do is agree a date and what time to call the patient and then put that in some sort of diary (you don’t have to but the extra minute spent organising this could facilitate a successful follow-up on your first attempt).

The new 2022 PharmOutcomes modules are listed and summarised below.

Extended Care Services Midlands 2022

Extended Care Services – Patient Registration 2022 (Midlands)

Extended Care Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis Consultation and Supply 2022 Midlands (Tier 1 Service)

Extended Care Simple UTI Consultation and Supply Midlands 2022 (Tier 1 Service)

Extended Care Impetigo Consultation and Supply Midlands 2022 (Tier 2 Service)

Extended Care Infected Eczema Consultation and Supply Midland 2022 (Tier 2 Service)

Extended Care Infected Insect Bites Consultation and Supply Midlands 2022 (Tier 2 Service)

Extended Care Deferred Treatment Record Midlands 2022

Extended Care 7-Day Follow-Up 2022 Midlands

Extended Care Clinical Waste Payment Claim 2022-23   this module will be available by July 2022.

Patient Registration Module: all patients must be registered in this module to receive the service; this module covers all of the tiers and conditions.

Because these are brand new modules for April 2022, all patients need to be registered in the 2022 registration module, this is even for patients who may have accessed the extended care service in previous years.

Consultation and Supply Modules: there is a module for each individual condition in tier 1 and 2.  These are linked to the 2022 registration module and should be used to record the consultation and outcome (record if patient received advice (with or without OTC purchase), advice plus agreed to defer antibiotics or advice plus treatment under PGD (GP notification sent).

Please note: if a patient agrees to defer antibiotics you should check they would be eligible for supply under PGD during this initial consultation because, if they do return to you, it would be frustrating for them to come back only for you to then you say you can’t supply and they then have to go to their GP for treatment.

Deferred Treatment Module: one module covers all of the tiers and conditions.  This is a short module that records drug given and triggers the GP notification.

7-Day Follow-Up Module: one module covers all of the tiers and conditions.  This is an integral part of the extended care service and MUST be completed for every patient.

Clinical Waste Payment Claim for UTI service: this simple to complete module should go live by July 2022.  Each pharmacy must complete this module once before 31.03.2023 to claim the one-off clinical waste payment (late claims will not be allowed).  Pharmacies that join the service from July 2022 will get access to this module at the same time as they get access to the UTI modules.

Payments 2022-2023

Recording different parts of the service trigger the relevant service payments.

Consultation, advice and follow up fee – this fee is £17 (zero rate VAT) and is added to the invoice when the 7-day follow-up is recorded.

Medication supply – invoiced at drug tariff (+ standard VAT) along with a £3 (zero rate VAT) professional fee to reflect the extra recording and patient advice required – this will be added to the invoice when a supply is recorded in the consultation module or when it is recorded in the deferred treatment module.

NHS levies – any levies collected will be deducted from the invoice total.

Clinical waste – the one-off payment will be invoiced when you add your clinical waste claim to PharmOutcomes.

Pharmacist Enrolment to provide NHSE&I Extended Care Services Midlands Region 2022-23

Each of the 2022-23 consultation modules on PharmOutcomes, for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 services have a pharmacist enrolment which needs to be completed by every pharmacist, this applies even if the pharmacist was previously enrolled and delivering the service.

The enrolment involves the pharmacist confirming that they are familiar with the various PGDs and the contract (LES) for the service.  The contract is different this year with the introduction of the 7-day follow-up – it is important that pharmacists are aware of the change and the new enrolment gives commissioners confidence that the pharmacist fully understands the current service requirements.

As part of the enrolment process for locally commissioned services where we use the DoC, the requirement is that the DoC has been signed within 3 months of enrolling.

Potential issues with pharmacist re-enrolment process: we realise that once signed a DoC is generally valid for 2 years.  But, because we have new enrolment modules for 2022-23, some pharmacists are being told by the PharmOutcomes automatic checking system that they don’t meet the enrolment requirements.  This is a result of the fact that although their DoC may be less than 2 years old, the system has noted it is more than 3 months old.  To correct this situation, the pharmacist will need go onto the CPPE system, download a new DoC and sign it and confirm the new date on the CPPE website.  This will then satisfy the PhO enrolment requirement, and the pharmacist can save this information and can then continue to record the service provision.

We do apologise for the inconvenience of having to re-enrol, but only have to enrol once for each service and the same DoC can cover all 5 conditions so if you are enrolling for Tier 1 and Tier 2 at the same time you will only have to update your DoC this one time.

Please also note – if you choose to save without fully enrolling, the system will allow you to proceed, but after a 3 month grace period, your PharmOutcomes enrolment will be locked automatically by the PharmOutcomes system until you update the enrolment module and save it, access will then be given and you can proceed to use the modules.