Pivotell 2017 info

Pivotell 2017

We have been informed that due to funding cuts no new referrals for Pivotell should be made at this time.

Existing patients can continue to be supplied and claimed until further notice.

 Pivotell Claims on PharmOutcomes for existing patients only.

All pharmacies now have access to the PharmOutcomes monthly summary module for Pivotell.

All claims up to end August 2016 should be made on paper form in the usual manner.  You should submit all of your paper forms for claims up to August by the end of September 2016.

For patients you look after from September 1st ALL Pivotell claims MUST be on PharmOutcomes and the first invoice on the new system will run in October to cover your September provisions.

The module should be completed at month end and you save the data for each patient you support.

You MUST make ONLY one entry per patient per month regardless of whether they have weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries.

The data should be entered as follows:
Month of claim – this should be entered by changing the date in the date box to the last day of the month you are claiming for.
So for example any device filled and delivered on any date in September should be entered as 30-Sep-2016
for any provision and delivery date in October it would be 31-Oct-2016 and so on.

In addition to the month of the provision you are also required to record the device serial number and the client’s initials.

By recording this data for every patient you are providing the Pivotell service to the system will automatically generate a monthly invoice.

Do NOT send in a paper claim – these should be entered onto PharmOutcomes


Payment Queries

If you have any problems with payments please contact Caroline Marshall, invoice query manager, SSOTP Finance Dept at Morston House.  Use the email address fin.accounts@ssotp.nhs.uk as this address is monitored daily.

Supplying Pivotell privately

If you have a patient who is not eligible for a funded Pivotell you may still want to offer the service for a fee which is paid by the patient or their family.  There is a demand for such a service, for example at a recent meeting with Trent and Dove Housing (TDH) they were keen to have an up to date list of pharmacies willing to fill Pivotell devices – (whether  funded by social care or privately).  This was because they had one lady who managed really well on Pivotell but when her daughter was no longer able to fill the device for her they were unable to find a pharmacy who would fill the device for them and the lady is now back to struggling with her medicines and not taking them regularly.  Let me know if you want to be part of the list I am going to send to TDH.

The manufacturers of Pivotell will also add details of any pharmacy prepared to fill the device onto their website – contact them on   sales@pivotell.co.uk